5 Critical Things to Do to Avoid Your Account Being Banned in Axie Infinity

5 Critical Things to Do to Avoid Your Account Being Banned in Axie Infinity

As of writing, Axie Infinity had reached 1 million daily active users, but recently, they changed the tokens players earn in-game. Rewards in the Adventure mode are reduced from 150 to 75 SLP, while the token for completing the Daily task is reduced from 60 to 25 SLP.

Even with the instant changes, Axie Infinity players should abide by the game’s terms of service. Otherwise, the player will risk being ejected and unable to play the game for more.

Several bans on axie infinity participants have been implemented over the last few months, mainly through suspensions and terminations. However, there are several reasons Sky Mavis may ban you for those who do not know. 

Simply put, banned Axie Infinity participants might have breached conditions specified on the terms of use. Axie Infinity has a long Terms of Use policy, peculiar to most websites dealing with cryptocurrencies and money. Unfortunately, many participants often skip reading through when signing up for the game.

Sky Mavis automatically bans an Axie Infinity user when breaking one of the rules, often without explanation. Avoid getting ejected by keeping in mind some of the rules below:

1. Do Not Play Multiple Accounts

Because of the income opportunities in Axie Infinity, some users are employing bots to play the game. Nobody should do using bots, and interacting with the game environment is a bannable offense.

What about managers? Suppose you want to become a “manager” (a term used for those with many Axies and, therefore, hire other users to play for their secondary accounts in exchange for a profit-share). In that case, there are certain things you must avoid doing to prevent your main account from being banned suddenly.

Can I play on multiple accounts? No. Axie Infinity prohibits anyone from farming or playing two on more accounts. Let’s give a few criteria for you to understand it very carefully:

Common questions for this rule are as follows:

  • Can multiple users with different accounts play the Axie Infinity game on the same Wifi? Yes.
  • Can one user with one account play on multiple gadgets (PC, Desktop, Laptop, and other mobile devices)? Yes
  • Can multiple users play the same account in different locations? Yes
  • Can I own various Axie infinity accounts on Axie Infinity? Yes, the Axie Infinity game has Scholarship Programs.

The developer, Sky Mavis, will only ban your user if he plays two accounts simultaneously. That is effective regardless of the gadget you are using. You can only play with one account in 24 hours, as written on the Terms of Use.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

Axie Infinity game is sensitive to their information being protected by copyright. Axie infinity participants and fans can commercialize and create fan art for the merchandise, but with a few  limitations:

  • An Axie Infinity fan art must be designed based on Axie or with permission from the Axie owner.
  • Axie Infinity fan art must not use official Axie assets during the creation.
  • Axie fan arts must be clearly stated as “Axie Infinity Fanart” with a link to https://www.axieinfinity.com/ on its description.
  • Users who generate money from Axie, primarily through NFT trading, can only create a maximum of $10,000 in revenue.

3. Prohibited Activities

These are some most prominent and highly offensive activities that participants should avoid doing in the game environment:

  • Don’t use automated systems that could mod the game system. That includes robots, data mining tools, and other extraction tools used for cryptocurrency.
  • Don’t lie, hack, scam, cheat, or mislead other users and the game system.
  • Don’t harass or commit misconduct against players and game developers.

 4. Don’t use bots to play

Videos circulating online show users just watching their Axie Infinity play by themselves and choosing their cards; Axie Infinity recently added another security system that prevents players from going AFK.

The alert shows five random numbers that players must select to avoid being banned. That also indicates that the player is actively playing and not relying on a bot.

5. Don’t adjust your device’s clock

The Axie Infinity game uses a global time tracker, and with the change of time and date of your gadgets, the energy of your Axie Infinity account can be replenished instantaneously. However, changing the date or time on the user’s device to reset your energy count is a bannable offense.

If you’re a scholarship manager, you are at very high risk, especially if your scholar is not aware of these specific rules. We would advise that you create “before playing, read the do’s and don’ts” so you can prevent your worthy investment from becoming a mere donation if you get what I meant. Also, be very careful of recent updates by the Sky Mavis team so you can constantly update your scholarship program compensation plan and other essential matters between you and your scholars.


As previously mentioned, the developer, Sky Mavis, has full legal rights to ban or suspend an Axie Infinity user for any reason. They are not obliged to explain the terms of the termination. The company could also remove Axie Infinity accounts anytime they deem fit. Remember that being banned in the system would permanently prohibit you from creating a new account on the game system.

Sky Mavis listed other rules about the game’s Terms of Use. However, these are some of the biggest offenses you should be careful to avoid.