How does blockchain technology secure NFT games

How does blockchain technology secure NFT games

Blockchain NFT games have progressed significantly since the early days of trading simple Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectibles such as Cryptokitties. Now you can earn money playing crypto nft games free to play, even if you don’t own the rarest NFT.

The concept is appealing, as video NFT games rarely allow players to earn real-world money by selling digital assets. Users can now earn money in the crypto world using this new model of nft games free to play.

What are NFT games?

NFT games enables players to earn cryptocurrency simply by playing the game. Although each game’s mechanism varies, rewards are typically earned through staking, farming the game’s currency, or generating tradeable NFT items. In earlier blockchain games, users profited primarily from random chance. However, play-to-earn has created in-game economies and business models in which players can earn money.

Axie Infinity is a well-known example on the Ethereum blockchain. The game combines aspects and gameplay from conventional video nft games free to play with the established blockchain gaming paradigm. For example, Axie Infinity includes an adventure mode, PvP combat, and tournaments – all of which are common in the traditional gaming industry. The game is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS X, and iOS devices.

How does NFT games work?

NFT games are classified as GameFi due to their combination of gaming and financial. Each game offers cash incentives for players to participate and grow. As previously said, there is often a grind associated with repeating specified acts that enable users to earn money in one of two ways:

1. Earning cryptocurrency in-game. One such item is Axie Infinity’s Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which may be obtained by completing daily objectives or engaging in combat with monsters and other players.

2. Earning and exchanging NFTs in-game. Each NFT may be a representation of a gaming object, character, or other collectable. These may be entirely aesthetic or provide a function or purpose in-game, depending on the game.

Additionally, there is a third way to make money with nft games free to play: staking. Certain NFT NFT games enable players to store NFTs or cryptocurrencies in smart contracts, generating incentives in the process. Staking MBOX tokens, for example, rewards users with MOMO NFT Mystery Boxes. Each one carries a unique NFT of varying rarity that may be sold on the secondary market. However, in order to receive significant staking benefits, you’ll need a sizable initial investment.

How does blockchain technology secure NFT games

How can blockchain technology ensure the security of pay-to-play games?

Playing to earn is not a new concept. Numerous online NFT games (often massively multiplayer online role-playing games) have fiat-based auction houses or secondary marketplaces run by gold farmers. The major distinction for cryptocurrency NFT games is that these money and goods reside on blockchains. A blockchain has a number of qualities that make it simple to establish ownership, legality, and uniqueness.

Consider a blockchain network to be similar to an immutable database. It is maintained via a decentralized network of computers (users), each of which stores a copy of the blockchain data. This effectively eliminates the possibility of someone altering, duplicating, or deleting blockchain data.

As such, blockchain NFT games may be built in a manner that eliminates fraud and corruption, such as item duplication, gold hacking, and other vulnerabilities prevalent in conventional nft games free to play. The rarity of an item is critical to its worth in-game. There is no copying and pasting with blockchain. If an object is one-of-a-kind, it cannot be duplicated. This contributes to the development of genuine value for in-game products.

How does blockchain technology secure NFT games

How much money do individuals earn from NFT games?

Generally, gaming is not renowned for financially benefiting the typical user. It might be difficult to comprehend how normal gamers can earn money from a blockchain game. Indeed, many individuals, particularly in underdeveloped nations, make a livable salary via crypto NFT games like Axie Infinity.

Farming may give a more consistent source of money, since earnings are proportionate to your abilities and amount of time spent playing. This form of farming has gained popularity in the Australia, where Axie Infinity has even become a substitute for jobless benefits. Players may earn between $200 and $1,000 (USD) every month cultivating SLP, depending on the market price and the amount of time spent playing. Farming benefits are typically lower than those associated with trading NFT creatures and items, but they are significantly safer for anyone in need of a steady income.

You can even breed new NFTs (Axies) in nft games free to play like Axie Infinity. However, the value of a freshly bred Axie cannot be predicted with certainty. As of October 2021, the most expensive Axie (Angel) ever sold was $131,970 on November 7, 2020, and is presently advertised at 3,000 ETH. While these figures appear appealing, predicting an average income for someone selling NFTs from play-to-earn games is challenging due to their random nature.

How does blockchain technology secure NFT games

How to get started with earning money through NFT games

Each game with a NFT games component will have unique criteria for new players. At the very least, you’ll want a cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask or Binance Chain Wallet to store your cryptocurrency and link it to the game.

Additionally, you may be required to make an initial expenditure to play, such as creating a team of characters or buying in-game equipment. Typically, entering a digital crypto-economy is not free.

By October 2021, Axie Infinity will demand an initial expenditure of around $600 to acquire three Axies. While this may be repaid after a few months of playtime, it still provides an entrance hurdle.

Another alternative is to hunt for so-called scholarships, which allow you to effectively borrow Axies for free from another player and then split the revenue generated with that person (referred to as the manager). In other words, the player offering the scholarship receives a certain proportion of your revenue. After establishing your beginning team and completing daily chores and challenges, you’ll begin earning SLP, an ERC-20 token that can be traded on Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Concluding remarks

NFT games are a relatively recent phenomenon in terms of earning cryptocurrency. With the majority of new ventures and ideas, you often have to be first in line to benefit from them. However, play-to-earn allows gamers to make money. However, caution is always advised, since many nft games free to play might be high-risk, unsustainable due to poor tokenomics, or even frauds.

6 Quick tips on how to get Axie Infinity

6 Quick tips on how to get Axie Infinity

There has been a severe issue on how to get Axie Infinity. I must say that I am aware that countless scammers are out there today. They are all claiming they have the best in stock. In fact, some have gone to the extent of dishing out fake news on how to help people get Axie Infinity. Trust me; there are steps that you ought to know. Therefore, I am imploring you to pay rapt attention to the things that will be revealed here.

I intentionally titled this article six quick tips on how to play axie infinity. This article aims to help you and show you how to overcome unnecessary stress. You’ll be shocked if you see some write-ups or articles about how to get Axie Infinity. Some of them are mere write-ups that are not real. I know you might be wondering how to get the best Axie Infinity that will improve your status without stress. 

Let me chip in this again; you can’t just go online to search for how to buy or get Axie Infinity. The reason is that scammers are also using social media platforms to dupe people nowadays. Several people end up blaming themselves. They followed the wrong information about Axie Infinity online. Also, they wasted their precious time, effort, and money. Are you ready to save yourself from those stress that will not yield any interest? Are you prepared to know the easiest way of getting Axie Infinity? Of course, I will put you through some tips that will ease you. I mean, the steps that I want to show you here are genuine and legit. I have informed many people in face-to-face contact, and they have all come back with positive testimonies. Then, I thought of passing this vital information on to people like you. 

I will not overlook the aspect of telling you your role. Of course, you have a role to play. What’s your part? Your role is to pay rapt attention to this write-up. And I will like it if you can practice the steps you will see here even as you read through this article. Don’t be scared! That’s all you need to do. 

There’s nothing more to say than to take you through that entire process. Are you ready for the ride? Now, let’s go!

Step 1

Create a Coinbase account: Creating a Coinbase account is the first step that you must be ready to take. Without creating this account, one might end up falling into errors. Not only that, scammers can take advantage of the fact that you haven’t opened a Coinbase account. This extraordinary step is one of the easiest ways to buy Axie Infinity.

 Then, you might be wondering about how to open a Coinbase account. There’s nothing much. All you need to do is visit the play store on your mobile phone, download the Coinbase app, and start the sign-up process. The registration process is what you can understand easily. You don’t need a tutor on that.

Step 2

Add a payment method: The next step to buy Axie Infinity after opening the Coinbase account is to add a payment method. How would you do that? It’s not complicated. You will see the payment method box. All you need to do is to tap on the payment method box. It will bring various suggestions to you; then, you pick one of your choices. Therefore, after tapping on the payment method box, the next thing is to connect a payment method. Are you following? Now, the next step!

Step 3

Start a trade: After you have created a Coinbase account and added a payment method, you can now start to trade Axie Infinity. This step is crucial. And one must be careful to follow the process to get it right. Several people find buying Axie Infinity so hard at this point. It might look somehow to you. But you must not relent. Ensure that your level of consistency in trading goes beyond what you can explain to people. 

Step 4

Select Axie Infinity: After trading, you will see several lists of assets. Then, it is up to you to carefully select Axie Infinity from the list of assets. It is expedient for you to know that Axie Infinity is one of the assets that will be suggested to you. Therefore, make sure you are picking Axie Infinity. Several people have missed it in this area. They mistakenly pick something else and find themselves where they don’t want. I am imploring you to select Axie Infinity from the list of assets carefully. Learn more how to creating an axie infinity account,

Step 5

Enter the amount you want to buy: The next step after picking Axie Infinity is to enter the amount you want to buy. Of course, it all depends on your budget. You can choose to buy Axis that are cheap. I have seen people buying with all their savings since they know what they will achieve at the end of the day. So, if you also want to invest in this business for real, I will advise you to enter a reasonable amount that will keep you in the game. I mean, enter the amount that will give you the chance to play for a long time. 

Step 6

Finalize your purchase: This is the last step. After you have made the above-listed points, there’s a need to finalize your purchase. After completing your purchase, you can proceed in playing the game. Click here to get about more 6 games that looks like axie infinity.

Closing thought

The fact remains that there are countless articles on how to get your Axie Infinity. But I am informing you right now that not all of them are practicable. Please try what I said earlier in the introduction of this write-up. I believe you won’t regret reading this article if you follow the information listed above. Remember, this article consists of six quick steps to get Axie Infinity. Finally, dear reader, I want to assure you that you are in the right place. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please feel free to drop them in the comment box.     

6 Games that looks like Axie Infinity

6 Games that looks like Axie Infinity

There’s a tendency you have come across some games that look like Axie Infinity. Although they might not have the same features as Axie Infinity, they are similar. There’s no doubt about the fact that if it is not Axie Infinity, it can never be Axie Infinity. 

However, are you looking for a game that will look like Axie Infinity? Do you want to try other options? There’s nothing to worry about. I am right here to help you out. Do you know some NFT games will give you the same reward as Axie Infinity? Of course, we have them in numbers. But I had to do thorough research to look for the best among them carefully. Therefore, I want to assure you that the games suggested to you here are reliable. I know some people would like to do something different. I was shocked when someone told me that he’s not interested to play axie infinity. I asked him why, and he said the noise about Axie Infinity is too much. He said he prefers to play other games that don’t have that popularity, yet they deliver the same quantity and quality of rewards as Axie Infinity. When I heard that, I was shocked. So, for me, it has been that Axie Infinity is the only reliable play to earn an NFT game. But my friend’s opinion changed my mind, and I began to do serious research to prove my friend wrong. Honestly, it took me some time to know that some play-to-earn games are even more reliable than Axie Infinity. At the same time, I was scared of jumping to the conclusion. And you guys should know something about me. I will not give you fake things. Learn more critical things to do to avoid your account being banned in axie infinity.

What am I saying in essence? I am trying to show you why you need to take this article so seriously. Therefore, if you want to play something different apart from Axie Infinity, you need to pay attention to the ones that I will reveal to you here.

Below are the six games that resemble Axie Infinity;

  1. My Defi Pet: This game is unique. It is a play-to-earn NFT based monster collecting and raising game. My Defi Pet came into the limelight in May 2021. Also, KardiaChain launched it. KardiaChain is the first decentralized, self-optimized, and interoperable blockchain platform. Do you know that this game allows players to collect, breed, and train their virtual pets? Of course, you can enjoy playing this game on your mobile phone. The pets in this game come in different shapes and sizes. Its shape and sizes vary from cute and fluffy to scary and intimidating. Like Axie Infinity, My Defi Pet also has its leading crypto, called DPET Token.
  1. Binemon: This is a new NFT game that is slowly getting some traffic. This game allows players to play the game and earn. Its process is similar to Axie Infinity. Binemon also has its cryptocurrency token, which is DRK Token. This unique game comes with so much fun that is beyond expression. Although this game is new, it has made its way to the NFT gaming world. Binemon is presently under stage three of their roadmap known as Artemis. Furthermore, they will also add contest betting, grants, and other advancements during this stage. Some other thrilling features that they will add in future settings are VR/AR additions, new storylines, dungeons, guilds, and the construction of houses.
  1. StarMon: If you are looking forward to playing games that resemble Axie Infinity, StarMon is one of those games you need to know. You can go inline to search for more information about this NFT game. It is a play-to-earn game that its reward can be converted to money. This unique game can also breed, gather, and trade to battle other enemies in adventure mode. Furthermore, one can also get other NFTs like the StarMon lands and one’s unique StarMon avatar.
  1. Monsta Infinite: This fantastic game also has the same features as Axie Infinity. If you want to improve your financial status, try to invest your time in playing this game. Monsta Infinite is a game that also comes with so much fun that is beyond expression. The delight in playing this game is beyond what one can ever imagine. It’s a new game that just came into the limelight in 2022. I want to assure you that you will get something unique and new if you try to play this game. This game is a long-term investment that will yield a massive result at the end of the day. Even from the name of this game, you should see some similarities with Axie.
  1. Revomon: Have you heard about Revomon? If you have about this unique game, I would like to listen to a positive comment that will strengthen others in the comment box. But if you’ve not heard about this game, you are missing a lot. Revomon is a unique crypto game that joins virtual reality with non-fungible token gaming and blockchain. The game was also launched early this year. This fantastic game is an exciting game that dreams of a unique VR world. 
  1. Chainmonsters: This Axie’s lookalike is an upcoming multiplayer game that allows one to catch, fight, trade, and join different monsters. The Pokémon franchise also inspires Chainmonsters. The creators of this fantastic play-to-earn game have immensely improved the game throughout their Alpha stage. This game was also launched early this year. One unique thing about Chainmonsters is that this game is available on various platforms. It is available on Xbox, PlayStations, Android, and other relevant devices. One cannot get complete information about this game here. So, I would advise you to gather more information and get started. 

Closing thought

Dear reader, I hope you have found something great here. If you want to play a different game that is not that famous and yet you’ll be rewarded, then all the above-listed games are what you need to consider. Finally, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if there is any. 

5 Critical Things to Do to Avoid Your Account Being Banned in Axie Infinity

5 Critical Things to Do to Avoid Your Account Being Banned in Axie Infinity

As of writing, Axie Infinity had reached 1 million daily active users, but recently, they changed the tokens players earn in-game. Rewards in the Adventure mode are reduced from 150 to 75 SLP, while the token for completing the Daily task is reduced from 60 to 25 SLP.

Even with the instant changes, Axie Infinity players should abide by the game’s terms of service. Otherwise, the player will risk being ejected and unable to play the game for more.

Several bans on axie infinity participants have been implemented over the last few months, mainly through suspensions and terminations. However, there are several reasons Sky Mavis may ban you for those who do not know. 

Simply put, banned Axie Infinity participants might have breached conditions specified on the terms of use. Axie Infinity has a long Terms of Use policy, peculiar to most websites dealing with cryptocurrencies and money. Unfortunately, many participants often skip reading through when signing up for the game.

Sky Mavis automatically bans an Axie Infinity user when breaking one of the rules, often without explanation. Avoid getting ejected by keeping in mind some of the rules below:

1. Do Not Play Multiple Accounts

Because of the income opportunities in Axie Infinity, some users are employing bots to play the game. Nobody should do using bots, and interacting with the game environment is a bannable offense.

What about managers? Suppose you want to become a “manager” (a term used for those with many Axies and, therefore, hire other users to play for their secondary accounts in exchange for a profit-share). In that case, there are certain things you must avoid doing to prevent your main account from being banned suddenly.

Can I play on multiple accounts? No. Axie Infinity prohibits anyone from farming or playing two on more accounts. Let’s give a few criteria for you to understand it very carefully:

Common questions for this rule are as follows:

  • Can multiple users with different accounts play the Axie Infinity game on the same Wifi? Yes.
  • Can one user with one account play on multiple gadgets (PC, Desktop, Laptop, and other mobile devices)? Yes
  • Can multiple users play the same account in different locations? Yes
  • Can I own various Axie infinity accounts on Axie Infinity? Yes, the Axie Infinity game has Scholarship Programs.

The developer, Sky Mavis, will only ban your user if he plays two accounts simultaneously. That is effective regardless of the gadget you are using. You can only play with one account in 24 hours, as written on the Terms of Use.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

Axie Infinity game is sensitive to their information being protected by copyright. Axie infinity participants and fans can commercialize and create fan art for the merchandise, but with a few  limitations:

  • An Axie Infinity fan art must be designed based on Axie or with permission from the Axie owner.
  • Axie Infinity fan art must not use official Axie assets during the creation.
  • Axie fan arts must be clearly stated as “Axie Infinity Fanart” with a link to on its description.
  • Users who generate money from Axie, primarily through NFT trading, can only create a maximum of $10,000 in revenue.

3. Prohibited Activities

These are some most prominent and highly offensive activities that participants should avoid doing in the game environment:

  • Don’t use automated systems that could mod the game system. That includes robots, data mining tools, and other extraction tools used for cryptocurrency.
  • Don’t lie, hack, scam, cheat, or mislead other users and the game system.
  • Don’t harass or commit misconduct against players and game developers.

 4. Don’t use bots to play

Videos circulating online show users just watching their Axie Infinity play by themselves and choosing their cards; Axie Infinity recently added another security system that prevents players from going AFK.

The alert shows five random numbers that players must select to avoid being banned. That also indicates that the player is actively playing and not relying on a bot.

5. Don’t adjust your device’s clock

The Axie Infinity game uses a global time tracker, and with the change of time and date of your gadgets, the energy of your Axie Infinity account can be replenished instantaneously. However, changing the date or time on the user’s device to reset your energy count is a bannable offense.

If you’re a scholarship manager, you are at very high risk, especially if your scholar is not aware of these specific rules. We would advise that you create “before playing, read the do’s and don’ts” so you can prevent your worthy investment from becoming a mere donation if you get what I meant. Also, be very careful of recent updates by the Sky Mavis team so you can constantly update your scholarship program compensation plan and other essential matters between you and your scholars.


As previously mentioned, the developer, Sky Mavis, has full legal rights to ban or suspend an Axie Infinity user for any reason. They are not obliged to explain the terms of the termination. The company could also remove Axie Infinity accounts anytime they deem fit. Remember that being banned in the system would permanently prohibit you from creating a new account on the game system.

Sky Mavis listed other rules about the game’s Terms of Use. However, these are some of the biggest offenses you should be careful to avoid.

4 Critical Things Managers Ignore When Creating an Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

4 Critical Things Managers Ignore When Creating an Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

In the Axie Infinity community, scholarship programs are meant for helping aspiring players who cannot afford to purchase the starter team of three axies required to play the game. It was created when some Axie Infinity loyalists discovered that many potential players could not participate in the game due to a deficiency of funds. 

Hence, the advent of Axie Infinity scholarship programs. However, most Axie Infinity Scholarship programs do not serve their purposes. That wasn’t because they did have good intentions, but because there were a few things they failed to set in place when setting up the axie gaming program. 

Ignoring some essential part of the setup process would result in operation limitations, affecting the scholar’s performance. In reality, some Axie Infinity scholarship programs are not living up to the standard, and I am not blaming them for that. What happened is not that they don’t want to earn as many SLPs as possible; they flop because they didn’t put certain essential things into place at the beginning.

I also fell, victim. I had finished setting up and launching my scholarship program before realizing that some things were missing. Meanwhile, I ensured I got all the information I needed to start before I started. After speaking with a scholarship manager, I headed straight online to get more details about creating an axie infinity scholarship program

I read many blog posts on ‘how to start Axie Infinity scholarship program.’ to help me out. Despite all that, there were still some loopholes dug by critical things I hadn’t thought were necessary. Then, I had to learn from my mistakes. 

Now, I am ready to share four critical things you should not ignore when creating your Axie Infinity scholarship program for profits. Mind you; I am not telling you what I read from the internet. Instead, I am set to teach you what it took me some time to learn firsthand from my initial mistakes. I will call it an opportunity for you to have a solid preparation to run a profitable scholarship program. Click here to get more about axie infinity SLP earning. 

1. Create a warm welcome message template for new scholars 

It takes time to select the best scholar amongst the pool of applicants. There are many of them out there looking for the opportunity to avoid the initial investment on the starter team axies. When you finally pick the one that qualifies based on your standard and expectations, the next thing is to send a welcome message to congratulate the scholar and give him the details of his new account. 

4 Critical Things Managers Ignore When Creating an Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

A typical message for a new scholar should at least contain the scholar’s username and password and QR code. But then, you don’t have to keep composing different messages containing the same information every time you have a new scholar. The best thing is to create a template that includes a short warm welcome message and all the necessary information required to log in. At worst, you can quickly tweak the message before sending it if anything changes later. 

You can also include a getting started guide, team logo, Discord invite, and other essential materials to prepare the scholar for the tasks ahead. 

2. Write detailed onboarding instructions 

Of course, most of the new scholars would have read one thing or the other about Axie Infinity before, but it is not good enough to assume they already know everything about the game. It takes some time to understand how the game works. 

Dint be surprised if your newly enrolled scholar doesn’t have an idea about how to login to the Axie Infinity marketplace access their account or QR code. And, that’s not their fault. Instead, you are responsible for providing them with detailed information and the guide necessary to play the game successfully. 

You can write a blog post on how to get started or create an onboarding channel in Discord for your scholars to come together to share experiences and help each other. You can also make an illustrating video to make it more straightforward.

3. Set up your Discord server

Of course, we have discussed something about having your discord channel, but there is more to it. That’s one of the critical mistakes of some Axie Infinity scholarship program managers. I also made the same mistake, thinking it didn’t matter until I knew how much I was missing. You don’t just create a Discord server and a general chat and leave it like that. It is as if you have not done anything.

As a matter of fact, there are many more things you need to do to make it functional. For instance, you would need to spend some quality time creating permissions, channels, roles, and rules. If you ignore all that, your server is nothing but a mess. What do I mean? You will be annoyed seeing people posting a lot of irrelevant content, spamming their resume, linking to other servers, posting immoral content, and more. Of course, that might not be a perfect setup; those were the things I did to organize my Discord channel. Learn more about 6 games that looks like axie infinity.

4. Ensure Discord Moderation

When you open your Discord server and your scholarship applications, you should expect newcomers to flood in like a river. As a result, your server may have to experience a lot of negative posts, which, of course, can be very frustrating. Meanwhile, there would be some good users with an honest intention to build a functioning community around your scholarship program. 

One of the surest ways to curb unwanted posting in your channel is to plan content moderation. That means you would have to create a moderator role to sift away all the unnecessary posts and ensure users get permission from you before littering your Discord server. You may also ask some of your trusted community members to moderate for you, or they ask voluntarily to offer help.

Final Words    

You can create a unique Axie Infinity scholarship program if you consider the above tips. I know they may appear minor in the entire setup process, but ignoring them can make your scholarship program less productive or become frustrating. If you do not know how to go about the four critical actions, you can ask experienced managers to help you out.

Screen Time Coupons

Screen Time Coupons

Controlling screen time for kids can be a challenge.  Between TV, smartphones, iPads and tablets, computers and video games, the added time between all of the devices can easily escape parent’s notice and suddenly, kids are spending several hours a day with recreational screen time.  Limiting devices in the home, having screen free days and setting time limits are all ways to try to control time spent by children.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than 2 hours of combined screen time for kids and none for children under the age of 2.

Screen time coupons are one way to try to control and monitor screen time.  By having coupons that kids have to “cash in” for every designated time allotment on screen time, parents can help control the time in a week.  Kids can learn to manage their weekly allotment and when the coupons are gone, they are done for the week.  Let’s see you allow 10 hours a week, with maybe a 2 hour limit per day and you give the coupons out on Sunday.  By the next Friday, if they have used all 10 hours, there is no screen time for that weekend.  Kids may have some leeway to earn some extra time, of course, within limits.

Download the screen time coupons by clicking here.

Hormones and Antibiotics in Food

Hormones and Antibiotics in Food

The European Union (EU) banned the use of synthetic hormones in meat and meat products in 1988. The EU is presently carrying out an additional risk assessment of the safety of hormones in meat and its effect on humans.

The FDA in the United States continues to reassure consumers that hormones are safe in meats because of the tiny amount that is used in animals and only a small fraction is transmitted to the humans who consume meat. These hormones, anabolic steroids, are used in the United States and other countries (like Australia and Canada) to make cattle larger and leaner.

The hormones are administered to the animal by a small implant under the skin, so only a tiny amount is released. In April 1999 the EU banned beef imports from the United States starting on June 15, 1999. The EU’s commission stated, “This action has been taken to protect consumer health in the EU.”

In addition, dairy cattle are injected with a genetically engineered growth hormone, called bovine somatotropin (BST) or recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), to increase the production of milk by the cow. In a press release in March 1999, the Chairman of The Cancer Prevention Coalition, Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, shared concerns about rBGH and has called on the FDA to immediately ban milk from cows injected with this hormone.

Scientific studies from the EU have shown elevated levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in milk from these cows. Epidemiologic studies indicate a link between excess levels of IGF-1 and breast and prostate cancer. He also shared concerns about the antibiotic use that is necessary in these cows because of the high rate of mastitis (breast infections) in these cows.

The use of antibiotics in our meats is a concern. Some 60 to 80 percent of all cattle, sheep, and poultry in the United States will receive antibiotics at some point. Researchers are trying to determine if and how much of a role this widespread antibiotic use may have in creating antibiotic resistance of bacteria in humans.

Hormones and Antibiotics in Food

A report from the National Academy of Sciences stated, “Bacteria that resist antibiotics can be passed from food animals to humans, but not enough is known to determine the public health risks posed by such transmission.” As consumers, we need to make our choices, but concerns are appearing about the safety of meat and meat products. We need to make informed decisions about these choices. We know that people who maintain vegetarian diets are healthier with lower risks of heart disease and cancer.

We know that fruits and vegetables are loaded with protective antioxidants to fight disease. Could there also be a link between excess exposure to toxins in our meats and meat products that also contribute to an increase in disease processes in meat eaters?

Hormones and Antibiotics in Food

As with many things, we need more information and research, but are we putting our children at risk with a heavy meat diet? This is a decision every family and person must struggle with, but it seems that moderation is important when it comes to meat.

Organic milk and other dairy products are more available now. Organic milk is found in many large-chain supermarkets. The US Department of Agriculture recently ruled that meat and poultry may seek organic certification. To fulfill organic requirements, these meats will have no antibiotics or growth hormones and the animals will be fed 100 percent organic feed.

You can get quick tips on how to get axie infinity by clicking here.

Go, Slow and Whoa Foods

Go, Slow and Whoa Foods
Go, Slow and Whoa Foods

We all want to enjoy food and sometimes as we get our kids to try to eat the healthy choices, we label foods as “good” and “bad.” This is not an effective way to talk to kids about food, especially the younger ones, as when they eat the “bad” foods it makes them “bad.” I teach families that we should be able to enjoy all foods, but some foods should be more often and these can be called “Go” foods or “Energy” foods.  Other foods can then be called “Slow” or “Whoa” foods that should be eaten less often.  I also like to talk about “Joy Treats,” these are special enjoyable foods that should be savored, like a special homemade cake, or dessert when eating out, or ice cream.  The idea you can create with “Slow” foods and “Joy Treats” is that they should be enjoyed and eaten S-L-O-W-L-Y.  Teach your kids to savor each bite.

Also checkout my other blog: Critical Things to Do to Avoid Your Account Being Banned in Axie Infinity

Health Risks for Children

Health Risks for Children

What parent wouldn’t want to give the gift of good health and a lifetime of good eating habits to his or her children?  As a parent and a pediatrician I feel very strongly that we, as parents, have a job to do in protecting and nurturing our kids. We suffer as much as our child does with every cold, fever, cut, bruise, ache, and pain. We do our best to protect them by using car seats and bike helmets, and by being watchful parents.

We would not knowingly expose our child to a deadly virus or bacteria. Yet, many parents allow unhealthy eating habits for their children, putting them at risk for disease. This is the disease that we don’t see, disease that lurks under the surface, within the cells, within the arterial walls, and within the bones of our children. This is not as obvious to us, nor will it become obvious until many years down the line, perhaps, long after we’re gone.

Health Risks for Children

We are talking about the degenerative diseases of aging, like heart disease, stroke, arthritis, macular degeneration, diabetes, and cancer. These processes are heavily influenced by our diet, but most of the research so far has focused on the adult diet. However, many of the changes have already started in childhood. Our children must begin early and learn a healthy style of eating to give them every advantage later in life. We may be able to change their odds by understanding nutrition and nutritional supplementation and its role in preventative medicine.

Health is one of our greatest concerns of today. Many baby boomers are previewing death as they watch their parents suffer through many of the degenerative diseases of aging. We want to change our odds. Some of us are driven to pursue health by hiring fitness trainers, starting weight loss programs, trying to eat healthfully, and trying more “natural remedies” to treat disease. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually, we are seeking answers about health.

Health Risks for Children

Health trends that are influenced by nutrition include:

Obesity on the Rise. Obesity now affects 1 in 5 children in the United States. Obesity is the most prevalent nutritional disease of children and adolescents. From 1963 to 1980, obesity among U.S. children has increased by 54 percent in 6 to 11 year olds and by 40 percent in adolescents.  Since 1991, obesity among adults has increased by nearly 60 percent. These obese children will most likely become obese adults and carry all the extra risks for diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Obesity is much easier to prevent than to cure and prevention in childhood should be our primary target.

Cardiovascular Disease is the Number One Killer. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and in many Westernized countries around the world. As more countries adopt Western diets and lifestyles, the incidence of heart disease is climbing. It is estimated that healthy lifestyles–including a low-fat, high-fiber diet and exercise–can reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as 80 percent.

Cancer on the Rise in Children. Federal health experts have concerns about why cancer rates are on the rise in children. Childhood cancer has risen almost 11 percent in the past decade.  Cancer has become the leading cause of death due to disease among children. It is second to trauma as a cause of death. In recent years, deaths from cancer have declined because of earlier detection and improved treatment, but experts are concerned that survival rates could be eclipsed because of the rising rates of new cases. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, author of the Antioxidant Revolution, feels that environmental toxins are in part responsible for this increase. Some experts estimate that as many as 80 percent of cancers are caused by environmental factors. Antioxidants found in foods are critical to battling the environmental effects that may lead to cancer formation. In addition, obesity can also increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Health Risks for Children

Allergies and Asthma Now Affect Millions of Children. The 1996 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control show that asthma affects over 14 million Americans. This is nearly double the rate from 1980. Almost 5 million of these asthmatics are children. The role of air pollution and other toxins has been implicated in contributing to this rise in allergies and asthma. The diet of a developing infant and child can influence the severity and onset of allergies. Early food exposures can program a child?s immune system to activate future allergies to foods and other air-borne allergens, like dust, mold, and pollens. In addition, children and adults who are overweight have a higher risk for asthma.
Calcium Deficiency Leads to Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis affects 25 million Americans a year and contributes to approximately 1.3 million bone fractures per year, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. The process of gradual bone loss occurs throughout adulthood, so what is built up early in life is critical to minimizing the effects of bone loss later in life. The average calcium intake in adolescents is about half of the RDA.  Our children and teens need to understand that this time in their life is their only chance at building bone.
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Learning Disabilities Increasing. In the United States, ADD appears to be rising. Statistics from 1998 estimate that 3 to 5 percent of school-aged children have ADD. The influence of diet on this problem is still unclear. However, we do understand that nutrient deficiencies can affect neurologic function and may influence learning and behavior. Iron deficiency anemia can have a permanent impact on IQ potential and motor development. Fats are another very important nutrient that affects brain development, especially in infants. Breast milk is 50 percent fat and has the right type of fats that allow for optimal brain development.

Allergies and Asthma

Allergies and Asthma

Micronutrients and allergies

What have researchers discovered about the link between allergic processes and nutrition? The following is a summary of some of this research. Most of these studies have been done in adults.

  • Vitamin C is a major antioxidant substance in the airway surface liquid of the lung where it could be important in protecting against environmental oxidants. A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that a diet low in vitamin C was a risk factor for asthma.
  • Patients with asthma who reported a high dietary magnesium intake had better lung function and a reduction in the relative risk of wheezing. Animal studies have shown that magnesium deficiency increases the amount of histamine released into the blood. Histamine is a natural chemical in our bodies that, when released, causes many of the symptoms of allergies.
  • Low selenium levels were observed in patients with asthma when compared to a group of patients without asthma.
  • In a group of 20 patients with exercise-induced asthma, two grams of vitamin C was administered and lung function was tested. In nine patients, a protective effect on their exercise-induced asthma was documented after vitamin C was given.
  • A dietary questionnaire used to determine intakes of different nutrients in patients with asthma and allergic rhinitis, and then in control patients without disease, showed that those with the lowest intakes of vitamin C and manganese were associated with more than five-fold increased risk of asthma. Also those with low intakes of zinc had increased risk of symptoms of seasonal allergies, and those with low magnesium intakes had increased risk of asthma.
  • Children who ate fresh oily fish had a significantly reduced risk of asthma. No other food groups or nutrients were significantly associated with either an increased or reduced risk of asthma. This study concluded that consumption of oily fish may protect against childhood asthma.
  • A study of 17 adult asthmatics found that when their diets were supplemented with daily dosages of 400 IU of vitamin E and 500 milligrams of vitamin C there was an 18 percent increase in the peak flow capacity (a measure of lung function) over those on regular diets.
  • A diet significantly deficient in vitamins A and E and lower in other nutrients was found in the diets of brittle asthmatics compared to non-brittle asthmatics and healthy controls. Brittle asthma is characterized by repeated life-threatening attacks despite appropriate medical treatment. In addition, selenium, magnesium, and vitamin C intake was somewhat lower in brittle asthmatics.
  • Proanthocyanidins (found in grape seed extract) have been found to have an antihistaminic effect.